The Button Museum

After your visit buttons will certainly mean something completely different to you !

The "International Museum of Buttons" in Upper-Swabia's village Warthausen is a
multimedia museum which does not only welcome you to see its unusual treasure of
most beautiful and rare buttons but also takes you by your hand by its interactive
means of communication. A world of modern presentations was created all around
its subject, the "button" as an accessory.

Take a look at the ages of button-art in the TIME TUNNEL .

It impressively shows the different epochs of the history of buttons. From buttons
found in burial places discovered in our times that date back to the Neolithic Ages
going over the first buttons of the Bronze Age similar to those "Ötzi" might have
worn up to the variety of enamelled buttons and buttons of very refined shapes and
designs till the abundant Baroque reaching over fanciful forms of the Nouveau Age
to the variety of modern forms, often made of precious and exotic materials, such
dramatically does the history of the button represent itself in the "time tunnel".

Now as ever only the most precious things have found their places in the

Gold, silver and ivory have contributed to create jewellery within the world of buttons.
In every museum the most beautiful and rarest exhibits are shown in their appropriate
environment that brings them full to bear. Here the South Indian marriage button, the
biggest button in the museum, has found its place next to hand carved ivory buttons
or the black jet button of the Victorian Age. Assets and button jewels per-fectly

From the show case to the interactive way of presentation MULTIMEDIA

is the means things will be presented in the future. In the world of buttons future
has already begun. The world of buttons shows you a new dimension. The multimedia
presentation delivers comprehensible informa-tion and offers you the option to steer
the stream of information yourself. This new and extravagant technology has been
applied here for the first time in order to create the new category of the adventure

Over the centuries they have dominated over the button. UNIFORMS

show the greatest variety of buttons you can think of. Only magnificent metal buttons
let uniforms show up in their unmistakable glitter and gives them their indivi-dual
character. Lady Diana, the crew of the tragically sunken "Titanic" or the crews of the
legendary "Zeppelin" airships - they all have left their buttons in the museum's uniform.

The button as a trend setter and as a globe trotter

The tropic corozo nut, glimmering pearl-shell, porcelain or shiny horn buttons - no
material that wasn't used for making buttons some time or the other. At no time have
buttons only just been fasteners but, more likely, the most popular type of jewellery!
And during almost all epochs typical materials have been preferred. The museum's
button maker work-shop shows the old traditions of this special craft and, as for
contrast, a modern button machine that represents modern times.

About buttons and the battle against cancer VIPs and the FUTURE TUNNEL

Its here where future begins! A human fate has inspired our campaign "Buttons
against Cancer". Knopf & Knopf are paying 25,00 Euro to the German Can-cer Aid
for each button a VIP donates. From each entrance fee taken an amount of 0.25
Euro will remitted to the Aid Organisation. Some ideas of how the future of the
button might look like were shaped and can be ad-mired in the "Future Tunnel" -
a futuristic presentation of the subject!

An attractive gastronomy Fantasy hotel rooms ADVENTURE WORLD
all around the magic world of buttons

Adventure gastronomy - the perfect match to the "International Museum of Buttons".
The biggest sewing-machine bar of the world in the Fashion Café, the station restau-
rant with its "Orient Ex-press" saloon-carriage interior and the traditional "button"
meeting lounge for meetings and events, the beer-garden and a lot things more!

Rome - during classical antiquity the centre of the world known at that time - was the
embodiment of living style and the bathroom the centre of daily life - just as you can
find it in the Roman Chamber of the Knopf & Knopf hotel. The eight subject rooms offer
you a stylish, fanciful ambiance and a touch of adventure - affordable of course.

NARROW GAUGE MUSEUM RAILWAY Today the former train station is the
museum now.

Since more than 100 years now this little railway line has lovingly been called thus.
Its track leads from Warthausen to Ochsenhausen. It was opened on 29th November
1899 as a shortline of the Royal Wurtemberg State Railways. Enjoy romantic railway
nostalgia in old wooden class carriages! And perhaps you will find the Swabian
farmer's often sung billy-goat tied on it somewhere - you never know...

You will find us in Baden-Wurtemberg between Stuttgart, Munich and the Constance
Lake, only a couple of kilometres away from Biberach/Riß.

Take a look at the route !