For Knopf and Knopf International, the topic of sustainability and resources is not a new trend, but a conviction. For several years, a photovoltaic system at the Headquater in Maselheim has been generating all the energy for the company's own needs. The powerful installation also feeds surplus energy into the public power grid. The collection features various sustainable materials such as Sustainable Metal and Bio Choice, a new polyester material that is produced entirely without fossil raw materials. With these materials, we are making an active contribution to environmental protection, as they are produced in a resource-conserving manner and have a significantly better carbon footprint than conventional materials.

A more responsible, careful and sustainable fashion starts from Materials
Society is in the process of change. Knopf und Knopf International is responding to what is probably the most important challenge of a generation with a sustainable product range and a commitment to further reducing the energy and resource footprint at the company's site. Against the backdrop of climate change and the resulting growing awareness of sustainability, resource-saving products are increasingly becoming the focus of society. Companies must do justice to this in the long term and assume responsibility towards employees, business partners, customers and, not least, nature.

Code of Conduct

Reach Regulation: The company regularly fulfills and applies the Regulation in all its updating and declares that its products do not contain extremely hazardous substances (SVHC) for human health and the environment than the limit allowable.


Oeko Tex® Standard 100 class 2, certified products available upon request. It certifies the absence of allergenic, irritating and harmful substances for human health. The tests are based on a scientifically founded criteria catalogue

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