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Summer 2021 – Women & Men

Trend report Knopf & Knopf autumn/ winter 2020/ 21

The upcoming season will be much diversified. The button will be on stage in an unadorned and elegant way as well as a extravagant protagonist. The surfaces are agile due to embossed ornaments or woven and straw appearances. Classy and close to nature at the same time.

Knopf & Knopf, one of the leading manufacturers of buttons and trimmings, presents four trend themes. All of them affect a lot of inspiration for women as well as for men collections. All products are available during the whole season. There will be offered also special creations on demand.


The beginning of the new season is powerful. A play of colours here and now between heaven and earth, were the button is an extravagant protagonist. The range is between smooth pastels with silver or golden linings and strong iridescent mother of pearl-looks in magnificent colours, e.g. red or pink. Besides the coloured eye-catchers in this theme also buttons in uni or two-tones are playing a role. They live through embossed ornaments. Buttons, looking like a range of pearls, give a special meaning to this trend theme. Plain metal clasps and rings in a mother-of-pearl optics want be missed also.


The deduction to the essential is the key to success in this trend topic. It's no longer the colours that attract attention, but the materials speak their own language. Metallic, also blackened buttons with embossed ornaments have their grand entrance. They look noble and close to nature at the same time. Especially on natural fabrics such as linen or knitwear they make a particularly good figure. In addition to buttons in wood look ingredients in straw look are a special highlight this season. Whether clasps or buttons: in their delicate colours and natural look, they like to dance a round with natural materials for an alpine lifestyle.


The third trend topic is lusty strong. Especially buttons with matt surfaces in combination with muted colors have a special charm and embossed structures enter into a symbiosis with a delicate play of colors in black, green or blue. Royal-style embossing tone-in-tone is an essential part of the button range this season as well.


Just get out and take a deep breath. Let the wind blowing around your nose without thinking of yesterday or tomorrow. A refreshing lightness characterizes this theme. Metal trimmings, from clasps to metal buttons, are the big winner and leave plenty of room for imagination. Simple and valuable is the motto.

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