Company history

Knopf & Knopf is a family owned company and on the market since 30 years. We are proud to support leading brands in Europe and around the world with our fashionable trim collection. Our range includes all kind of buttons and as well metal trims for denim, sportswear and even hardware like buckles, stoppers etc. Design driven we are able to support our customers with customized items starting from artworks and prototypes to the final production.


Creating fashion together

We have already won over many renowned companies with our expertise in design and production. Among them are young, up-and-coming labels as well as established, high-quality brands. You can view a selection here.


From order processing to dyeing service – we are your reliable partner

We will develop and produce your buttons, hang tags, labels and accessories, and send them directly to your international production facilities. This means savings for you in terms of staffing costs and shorter delivery times. Furthermore, we will manage all aspects of organisation and processing with the different contact partners on site. We have more than 20 years of experience with international producers in this field. We will also take care of stock management on your behalf. We will inform you in a timely manner when stock levels are running low.

Large-scale production enables us to offer you short delivery times and cost-effective purchasing. You will place a call-off order with us, that is to say a large order, which can be called off in partial quantities. In addition, your stock will be warehoused in a safe and supervised manner, and you will have the flexibility to decide when the goods are to be dispatched. Our company headquarters offer ample storage facilities.

You order, we deliver. We’ll also be delighted to deliver to a third party – that is to say, your producers. Saving you time and money.

We fulfil our promises. We therefore have our products regularly tested by external bodies, for example, the Hohenstein Institute. For you this means the assurance that our products comply with ecological considerations.

Which colours and materials are on-trend next season?  Twice a year, we develop fashion themes and visit the most important trade fairs and fashion capitals throughout the world on your behalf.  Our trend reports are created by our designers and trend offices. We coordinate these with ladies’ and men’s fashion. They present the latest buttons and accessories, and therefore provide you with detailed information on new trends and inspiration. Click here to view the latest trend letter.

We offer an uncomplicated approach: our buttons can be tested and sampled directly on textiles and garments. We attach the buttons on our reference cards by means of a hook and loop fastener. Samples can therefore be used time and time again, and can always be attached in the correct position. In this way, we have a practical and helpful tool at hand.

We can also dye buttons in accordance with customer requirements. And, of course, taking ecological considerations into account. You can then have buttons that match your fabric. The dyeing process is carried out without the use of harmful substances. As the colours of your collections are also always reflected in the accessories, this means that your colour themes can be underlined even more effectively.

In order to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, we will organise their provision and dispatch in each of your stated production countries on your behalf. If necessary, we will also prepare the corresponding customs documents. This means a significant reduction in costs through the avoidance of additional transport costs.

We can communicate directly in many different languages, as our team in purchasing and sales can speak a multitude of languages. For you the customer, this means greater peace of mind in terms of order processing, as misunderstandings in communication can be ruled out. Click here to discover more about our international locations.

With our company, you can be sure of the speedy fulfilment of your requirements. Our long-standing team has extensive experience in the creative implementation of ideas and the handling of international business. Why not get in touch with our contact partners. We will be delighted to advise you.




Knopf und Knopf International

Our name doesn't come by chance. In addition to our headquarters in Germany, we are of course also represented internationally. We have locations and representatives in 20 countries: starting in Western Europe with Portugal, Spain, France, through Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland). We are also present in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as in Southern Europe (Greece, Turkey), Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), India (Bangalore, New Deli, Mumbai) and China (Hong Kong and Shanghai).